Family Law Solutions


When it comes to finding solutions to family law problems it is important to choose an attorney who you can communicate clearly with and can work well with. Kathy Starling believes that most family law disputes should be resolved through negotiation, mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution; this is especially true when children are involved. Kathy Starling encourages the resolution of disputes through these matters; however, she knows that negotiation is not always an option and intense court action, including jury trials, is sometimes required.

Uncontested Family Cases

The Law Offices of Kathy Starling always has the ability to take on and quickly resolve uncontested family law matters. Uncontested cases are defined as legal issues where two (or more) people have come to a complete agreement or will come to a complete agreement without involving other legal counsel or the need for a judge to decide any aspect of a case. Kathy Starling has significant experience in drafting both standard and highly custom orders. Many people want to know if both parties can be represented by Kathy Starling at the same time. Certain ethical issues prevent Kathy Starling from representing both parties in any lawsuit. However, while she cannot give the non-represented party legal advice the non-represented party will receive copies of all legal documents and be allowed to make suggestions and express their desires regarding the language of the agreed final order. The Law Offices of Kathy Starling offers competitive rates for uncontested divorces, child support, and visitation agreements.

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Types of Family Cases

Divorce With or Without Children 

Child Custody and Visitation

Child Support

Protective Orders

Modification of Prior Orders

Contested Family Cases

Contested cases are cases where the outcome is not currently agreed to or known by the parties. Some contested cases turn into agreed orders after the parties receive advice from an attorney or go through the mediation process. Some cases cannot be resolved through mediation and require a judge or a jury to decide the outcome of the parties’ dispute.

Highly contested family law cases require a large amount of time and devotion. Because of this, I limit the number of highly contested family law cases I am participating in at any given time. If I am open to accepting new contested cases I will set up a consultation with you so that we can discuss your case, your desired outcome, and possible barriers in your way. I do not take on every client I do a consultation with. This is because I want to ensure that I have the time and ability to represent you and your position. Family law cases that require multiple hearings, necessity at final hearing or involve a jury trial can become extremely expensive. I do my best to keep costs as low as possible while zealously representing you and making a plan of action that correlates with your budget. If you are interested in inquiring if I am currently accepting contested cases please reach out to me.

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