If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney Kathy Starling will aggressively defend you throughout your case; this includes a jury trial, if necessary. Attorney Starling has activity sought out jury trials throughout her career and has significantly more experience in jury trials compared to many attorneys who are decades older than her. If you think your case may need a jury trial, choose an attorney who feels comfortable in front of a jury. No matter what stage your case is at, you can hire Attorney Starling to fight for you. 

If you have a contested family law case and you want a jury to decide the outcome contact Kathy Starling to plan at which point in your case would be the best point for her to step in and start preparing for trial. In Texas a jury can decide which parent will establish the residence of a child, if you think that should be you, contact Kathy Starling today. See our Family Law page in order to see all family law matters Attorney Starling handles.